Portrait and a Dream

Aug 16

Hot off the Presses

CUArts blog sat down with Portrait director Katie Lupica, and The L Magazine sat down with playwright Jacob Marx Rice. Check out the two interviews below:

CAAL Alumni Artist Spotlight: Katie Lupica ’11CC:

The L Magazine
Portrait and a Dream's Jacob Marx Rice on the Intersection Between Theater and Astrophysics: 

Jul 25

Fundraising Update

Thanks to the unbelievable generosity of all of our donors, we made our goal in record time. If you didn’t get a chance to donate, don’t feel bad, just come see the show!

Jul 06

Save the Date!

Monday 8/15  @ 9 PM (Opening night. And yes there will be a party)
Friday 8/19  @ 4 PM (Blow off work, it’s casual friday anyway)
Sunday  8/21  @ Noon (Watch the show. Then go get brunch.)
Thursday 8/25  @ 7 PM (What a weirdly normal time for theatre, huh?)
Saturday 8/27 @ 5 PM (Last chance to see it. It’s gonna be off the chain.)

The show runs 90 minutes with no intermission.

Also, in case you haven’t heard, we are performing at The First Floor Theatre at LaMaMA. Check it out below.

Jun 13

The Facts AKA What You Gotta Know

Cabbages and Kings Theatre Co. Presents

By Jacob Marx Rice
Directed by Katie Lupica

Goes up August 12th-28th (stay tuned for more details)

as part of
The New York International Fringe Festival
A Production of The Present Company

This sounds awesome, but what’s the play about?
First of all, thank you. Second of all, you’re right. PORTRAIT AND A DREAM, a darkly comic memory play that rebounds across time and space, follows three young people as they navigate the treacherous waters of relationships, careers and brunch. Nick and Annie met on a park bench, tumbling into a whirlwind of romance. Annie and Paige met in 10th grade English and have been best friends ever since. It all seems so perfect; but life is never simple and love is never pure. When best-laid plans go awry, Nick must confront an impossible question: How do you survive the end of the world? 

Whoa, I’m intrigued. But who are you?
We are the Cabbages and Kings Theatre Company. Named for its dedication to the serious and the silly, Cabbages and Kings Theatre Company blends high and low art into a single, vibrant dramatic force that speaks to our world, present and future. We welcome audiences into our world, inviting all to explore the fundamental challenges—and pleasures—of being human.

I’m hooked. Where can I find out more?
Like us on facebook, follow us on twitter (@PortraitFringe) or check out our official posting on the Fringe website. And stayed tuned for more info on the where and the when as well as exciting and awesome details of the play, the people, the process and, in general, a portrait of PORTRAIT.

I did all those things, but I still want more. It’s like I can’t get enough!!!!
We understand the impulse. More is to come, keep your ears to the ground and your eyes peeled. Or, if you have something specific you’re looking for, email us at portraitandadream@gmail.com.

For Information / Tickets visit:
or call 866-468-7619